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Idea Consultants
The Original Idea Consultants website.
The Virtual Bohemia Network
"Infobahn-in-a-Box" Tools for the Information Highway.
Global Ideas Bank
Work the World.
The Foresight Institute
Work with Foresight.
New Civilization Network
Work for a new beginning.
LDS Genealogy site.
A mountain of genealogical information.
Global Business Network
Work with business, worldwide.
A.I.P. (Association of Internet Professionals)
Work with Webmasters.
Make yerself some money!
Speaker's Platform
Work as an Orator.
Hollywood Writers Network
Work with Hollywood.
The granddaddy of online auction houses.
Empowering the Garage Musician by creating a demand for "as-is" music.
Seminar Finder
Give Seminars.
Founding shareware site.
Amazing Environmental WebDirectory
Environmental Links
The MP3 of ebook publishing.
Original Websters.
MIT Media Lab
Negroponte & Co.
Xerox Parc
Where Gates AND Jobs steals...
The Onion
Excellent Mock Journalism site
Wresting music from the hands of fools.
One of the original idea factories.
Turning ideas into great new products.
Idea Cafe
An eyeful use of ideas.
Where to register your ideas...
Forrester Research
Long in the vanguard of technology.

The Original Idea Management Homepage

Idea Management is a term coined by webmaster, Dave Beckwith, (me), to describe the systemic manipulation of ideas in order to generate results -- in this case, the virtual creation of the universe, or, put another way. . . the creation of the Virtual Universe. Ideas are the fuel and foundation of the information age, and generating and managing ideas are just a couple of ways in which Idea Management can help your business or organization.

The tools and ideas that are gathered together on this site will help you to better organize and manage your own ideas. If these don't kick-start your organization, we'd be glad to help by providing what we are best at...ideas... and how to grow, manage and market them.

We have woven, and are still weaving together an excellent team of Idea Consultants whose job it will be to solve, resolve or dissolve problems in the world. Large and small. For businesses, organizations, countries, as well as websites, musicians and producers.

Along with amassing a clever band of Idea Consultants, we are also creating a network of internet, multimedia, publishing, music, educational and philanthropic organizations in order to create dynamic and inspiring products (music, TV shows, films, DVDs, VR, software, books, etc.) in order to reverse the tide of violent and hateful programming that is currently being shovelled out, in vulgar deference to Mammon and market share.

Garbage out, garbage in, garbage out again. Enough outward garbage. Enough of my talking about outward garbage!

Among the ideas that we have proved our mettle are things, businesses, books, and a wide variety of successes, large and small. Ideas are potent and robust, and they want to live and grow. I would imagine that my own lideas have pumped billions of dollars into the economy, although very little has actually come to me. And that is not a bad thing, necessarily. One needn't reap all the rewards. In fact one is much safer if everyone else also reaps rewards.

An early success story would be that of "image consulting", which I had conceived in the early '70s, while reading a book called "The Image". I could see that the world was obsessed by their image, and that "their image" included the clothes they wear, the car they drive, the flowers in the yard, the shape and length of the driveway, and so on. I could also see that most people felt they could look better, and that if they looked better, they would feel better, and that would propel them to greater success.

I never did anything with Image Consulting, as I realized that my own image was nothing to write home about, and that I really didn't feel like dealing with the people who would be so shallow as to worry about such things. But the idea got picked up anyway, and now tens of thousands of people made a decent living as an image consultant.

Idea Consulting is not for the shallow. It is for people who love ideas.

With places like coming into fruition, it may be easier to at least clamp down on a fair portion of our ideas before they spread like a virus across the global net.

If you would like for us to assess your ideational and innovational needs, please pop us a note at We currently have a 3-day turn around time on inquries, so please be patient. Once our funding is secured, we will better be able to serve you, as we add strategic personnel.

Good visions to you!

- Dave Beckwith

Idea Management
c/o Dave Beckwith
1407 Iris Drive, Suite 4
Charlotte, NC 28205
United States